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Patch Notes and Special Sites Updated -. New Posts. Dev Tracker. Fan Kit Updated -. Customer Service. Mog Station. News Topics Patch 3. We are pleased to announce that the patch notes for Patch 3. Be sure to check them out for a comprehensive list of additions and refinements to the realm of Eorzea, including new story quests, new beast tribe quests, exploratory missions, and more! Lord of Verminion. Alphinaud Players must first complete the main scenario quest "Heavensward. Alphinaud Players must first complete the main scenario quest "An Uncertain Future.

Alphinaud Players must first complete the main scenario quest "Breaking the Cycle. Alphinaud Players must first complete the main scenario quest "In the Eye of the Beholder. Lucia Players must first complete the main scenario quest "Dreams of the Lost. Lucia Players must first complete the main scenario quest "Against the Dying of the Light". Unquiet trader Players must first complete the main scenario quest "Heavensward. Utata Players must first complete the quest "Sky Pirates. Alys Players must first complete the main scenario quest "Heavensward. Tetchy treasure hunter Players must first complete the main scenario quest "Heavensward. Please note that in this case, the aether current icon will not display under rewards, but will still be awarded to players accordingly.

The new beast tribe settlement can be found in the region listed below. There, players will be able to purchase unique items from the local vendor. New items have been added, obtainable through Exploratory Voyages. The following features have been added to the flight control panel:. The previously summoned airship will be displayed at the flight control panel. When making airship repairs, the amount of repair materials in your possession can be viewed. The repair screen can be viewed even when you have no repair materials or ceruleum tanks in your possession. When deploying an airship, the cutscene is visible to all players in the workshop.

With Estate Sharing, the owner of a house may designate up to three of their friends as "tenants" who have access to the house and its associated features. A player may only be a tenant of at most two houses. Tenant Authorizations The owner of a house may configure the following authorizations for their tenants: Free company housing that has not been accessed by at least one member of the company within forty-five days. Private housing that has not been accessed by the owner within forty-five days. Purchased plots of land upon which an estate has not been built within forty-five days. Thirty days of inactivity. A notification indicating that the estate is being prepared for auto-demolition will appear in the Timers interface in the Duty tab of the Main Menu.

An e-mail will be delivered to the registered e-mail addresses of all free company members, or the owner of a private estate, indicating the estate is being prepared for auto-demolition. An e-mail will be delivered to the registered e-mail addresses of all free company members, or the owner of a private estate, indicating that the estate will be demolished automatically in three days. Any free company member or private housing owner entering the estate at any time prior to demolition will cancel the demolition process.

When an estate has been demolished, or the rights to an empty plot have been relinquished, said plot will be made available for purchase to all players on that World. The price will decrease every six hours from the time at which it is made available for purchase. When an estate has been demolished, gil and certain furnishings will be placed in the care of the Resident Caretaker for a fixed period of time. Redeemable from the Resident Caretaker. Items belonging to a free company estate can only be retrieved by members with the authorization to purchase or relinquish land.

Items belonging to a private estate can only be retrieved by the owner. Chocobos are not subject to the thirty-five day timer. After entering an Estate, lighting controls can be accessed via the Housing interface under Social in the main menu. Lord of Verminion is a competitive mini-game in which a player engages an opponent using summoned minions. Players can participate in matches against other players or against the CPU. Stats and ability types vary from minion to minion, making it possible to bring together different special actions for diverse battle strategies. Lord of Verminion is a strategy-based mini-game conducted in real-time, which means the player will need to plan their minions' positions during combat.

Entry Requirements. Lord of Verminion will be available upon unlocking the Gold Saucer. In order to prevent congestion in the Gold Saucer, the Chocobo Square has been divided into two instances. Players will be moved to one of these two instances at random when entering the Chocobo Square, even when joined in a party with others. To enter an instance together with party members, please speak with the lift operator Saethrith at the Entrance Square X: Please note that this does not guarantee all players will enter the same instance together. In the event you and your party members enter different instances, please exit the Chocobo Square and try again.

Three minions or more are required to play Lord of Verminion. Before the match begins, players will select which minions to summon using the special minion hotbar. To edit the minion hotbar, select the Verminion tab in the Gold Saucer window under Character in the main menu. Each minion has its own stats and special action. Players can view a selected minion's stats when editing the minion hotbar. Minion Type Minions are separated into four types—monster, critter, poppet, and gadget. Three types will fight at either an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the nature of their opponent. The strength and weakness affinities for monster, critter, and poppet are listed in the picture below.

Monsters are strong against critters. These points will increase or decrease in accordance with how well you do in battle. For every battle you participate in, you will be paired against players with a similar number of RP to you. Verminion Challenge. Boss battles and a variety of other types of battles can be enjoyed using this feature. For these battles, you will be paired against someone with a similar number of RP to you. For Non-RP Player battles you will be able to battle anyone of your choosing. By forming a party with the player you would like to go up against, you will be given the option of selecting them as your opponent.

Players are welcome to try playing through all three of these levels. This option is for tournaments and can only be accessed when a tournament is being held. Briefing Battles are divided into two stages: After registration for a battle is complete, the briefing phase begins and will last for 20 seconds. During these 20 seconds, you will be able to select the first set of minions you want to summon to the playing field. Minions can be chosen via the Minion Hotbar or Battle List and will go into the minion summoning queue once selected. Your summoning gauge is capped at 60 during this phase, so you will be unable to queue up minions if the total cost exceeds this number. Players can check minion summoning costs by referring to the cost gauge, located on top of the Minion Hotbar.

Any costs incurred will disappear with it. Engage After the second briefing period is up, the minions that both you and your opponent put in the summoning queue will spawn simultaneously and the battle will begin. During this phase you are afforded up to a total cost of for summoning. Even when that limit has been reached, you will still be allowed to put up to three additional minions in the queue. The total cost for minions that have already been summoned is represented by the green gauge and those still in the summoning queue are represented by the orange gauge.

The following are shortcuts that can only be used during LoVM battles: Gamepad Only Gamepad Controls Select a nearby minion of the same type as the one selected. Four structures exist on the playing field: Each of these structures possesses special properties, and both combatants have access to them. Arcana Stones Both combatants have three of these on the playing field. Each stone has a set amount of HP, and they will shatter if the total reaches zero.

Shattering all three of your opponent's Arcana stones is the key to victory. Gates Gates are used to summon minions, and both combatants have three gates. Minions inside the gates will restore HP. Minions cannot be moved outside of destroyed gates, nor can they enter them. Shields Shields add defensive strength to Arcana Stones. The stones will shatter more easily if the shields are destroyed. Search Eyes Search eyes reveal your opponent's minions on the playing field and minimap. If the Search Eye is destroyed, then you will only be able to see enemy units that are near your own minions.

Each structure will only be temporarily destroyed when they reach zero HP. Their functions will restore once a certain amount of time has passed. A gauge will display the time required until reactivation starts. Positioning your minions near a destroyed structure will hasten the reactivation process. Each variety of minion is capable of inflicting greater damage against certain structures. Information about your minions' strengths can be found by going to the edit minion hotbar or battle list.

The information can also be viewed from the window that appears when you hover the cursor over the minion hotbar. Each minion has a special action. There are various actions that deal damage, apply status effects, or even set traps. Using Special Actions Each minion accumulates special action points over the course of the battle. The number of accumulated points is displayed in the circle beneath each minion.

When four minions of the same type have filled their special action points and are in close proximity to each other, if one of these minions is selected, the special action button will flash. Pressing the special action button in this state will activate the special action. Traps Certain minions' special actions lay traps. Ten seconds after being set, traps can be triggered with the "Trigger Trap" button. Arcana Stones and Health Bars The condition of each Arcana Stone is displayed by the crystal-like icons found at the top of the screen. The total remaining HP of both your and your opponent's Arcana Stones is also displayed in the form of HP bars, allowing you to assess the progress of the battle at a glance.

Minion Party List Displays all summoned minions. This list can be configured to show friendly or enemy minions. When one or more minions are selected, the selection status of minions can be seen in the party list. Minions capable of using their special action are highlighted in the party list. Minion Hotbar Used to select minions to summon. The minions previously selected through the edit hotbar are displayed here during the match. Select Gate. Select which gate minions are to be summoned from. The button to activate special actions or traps can be selected when a minion capable of using a special action or triggering a trap is selected.

Displays the attributes of all minions you have collected. Minions may also be summoned directly from the battle list. Withdraw the selected minion. By clicking the padlock icon next to the minion hotbar, you can lock or unlock UI elements displayed during battle. When unlocked, a transparent frame will appear over UI elements that can be moved. Click and drag the top of these frames to adjust their position. Right-clicking the top of these frames will display a subcommand menu that can be used to change the size of UI elements.

Victory is achieved when all of an opponent's Arcana Stones have been destroyed. A match can also be won if an opponent retreats in the middle of battle. Your opponent's rank points will affect the number of rank points you receive, but will have no effect on MGP rewards. Compete against minion enthusiasts from across the realm for a chance to win large sums of MGP.

Tournament Rules Tournaments consist of multiple matches against other players, with victories earning you tournament points. Players are allowed to play up to 30 matches per tournament. Scores will be locked the moment the tournament ends, and these numbers will determine the final rankings. Rewards can be redeemed by speaking with the Tournament Recordkeeper.

The Finer Miner. Swing the pickaxe to locate the hidden ore. Swing the hatchet to locate the hidden timber. Cards previously obtainable only through dungeons and trials can now be obtained from dueling certain NPCs. The chance of obtaining cards from dueling certain NPCs has been increased. Triple Triad mythrite packs have been added. Recast time has been adjusted to 15 seconds.

Potency has been reduced from to Goring Blade TP cost has been reduced from 60 to Shield Bash TP cost has been reduced from to Rogue Ninja Mutilate TP cost has been reduced from 80 to Shadow Fang TP cost has been reduced from 70 to Straight Shot TP cost has been reduced from 70 to This setting can be configured under Battle Effects Settings in the Character tab of the Control Settings panel in the Character Configuration interface. Dungeons and trials accessible solo via the Duty Finder:. Dungeons and trials requiring a full party to register via the Duty Finder:.

The Limit Break Gauge will fill more slowly than before for parties with three or more members of the same role. Ranged DPS: Saint Mocianne's Arboretum. Tetchy Treasure Hunter Players must first complete the main scenario quest "Heavensward. Trachraet Players must complete the main scenario quest "Heavensward" and have cleared the original Pharos Sirius. The Minstrel's Ballad: Thordan's Reign. Alys Players must complete the quest "Heavensward. Players may now queue solo via the Duty Finder. Players are incapacitated after having battled enemies for a certain period of time.

Parties formed prior to registration must also meet these role requirements. However, these role requirements are not required when registering as an alliance. Rewards You can receive only one reward item per week for completing duties in The Void Ark. In the event you are awarded an item from the loot list, you relinquish your right to vie for all remaining items regardless of whether you selected Need or Greed. If time expires and a reward item is obtained automatically, this will also count toward the weekly limit. Each party in the alliance will receive its own treasure chest, the contents of which will be identical regardless of the route taken.

Completion Reward Upon completing The Void Ark, players can also earn a separate reward once per week. This reward can be exchanged with Bertana in Idyllshire X: Gordias has been removed. Gordias Savage. Exploratory missions allow individual adventurers and free companies to journey to faraway locations via airship. Up to eight Time Limit 90 minutes Prerequisites Players must complete the main scenario quest "Heavensward. Players must first complete the main scenario quest "Heavensward. To undertake exploratory missions without a free company, players must first speak with the NPC Aurvael in the Pillars X: Players can explore The Diadem for hidden treasure coffers by slaying creatures and gathering rare items.

While exploring The Diadem, players will find unique pieces of gear whose appearance and parameters are random. Up to nine parties 72 players can explore in a single instance. Players can undertake exploratory missions via free company workshops or from the airship landing in Ishgard. Free Company Exploratory Missions When undertaking exploratory missions using a free company airship, players must form a party of at least two people.

Players can also form an alliance of up to twenty-four players. There are no role requirements for entering The Diadem as an alliance. Each party or alliance member must have a tank of mission ceruleum in their possession, which can be purchased in exchange for company credits. One tank is required for each mission. Furthermore, an airship for each party of the alliance is required. Players can undertake Isghardian exploratory missions solo or in a party of up to eight people. Each player of the party must have a mission ceruleum voucher in their possession, which can be purchased from the NPC Jaquoinie in the Pillars X: One voucher is required for each mission.

There are no role requirements when entering as a full party. However, parties with less than eight players must adhere to the standard composition of 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 4 DPS. Before undertaking an exploratory mission, whether via company workshops or the airship landing in Ishgard, at least two hours must have elapsed since last entering The Diadem.

This timer is shared between all difficulty levels. When undertaking exploratory missions via a free company workshop, or with a full party via Ishgard, parties may set loot rules to Normal, Greed Only, or Loot Master. When undertaking exploratory missions via Ishgard with less than eight players, the loot rules will be set to Greed Only. There are three difficulty levels for exploratory missions. Players can select their desired difficulty prior to undertaking a mission. The strength of enemies and rewards obtained will vary based on this setting.

Please note that in order to select the hardest difficulty, you must first chart a route by deploying your airship on an exploratory voyage to specific islands. Please refer to the list of known issues below for details. After entering The Diadem, players can freely change between classes and jobs when out of combat. Treasure Coffers Players may sometimes find gear inside treasure coffers after defeating enemies. This gear is unique in that its appearance and parameters are assigned at random. Brass Sky Pirate Spoils Unwanted gear obtained from treasure coffers can be exchanged for brass sky pirate spoils by speaking with Spoils Trader in the Pillars X: These brass sky pirate spoils can then be used to purchase goods from the Spoils Collector.

These can be redeemed for a variety of goods by speaking with the Spoils Collector in the Pillars X: Other Rewards By completing a certain number of the objectives listed for a given mission, players will receive other rewards including Allagan tomestones. By attuning to the aether turbulences found inside The Diadem, players can use their mounts to fly. Please note that your attunement to these currents will be lost upon leaving The Diadem, and you must attune to them again should you return.

The icon and number next to enemy names is an indication of their relative strength, with higher numbers indicating more powerful enemies. Among them are exceptionally powerful enemies known as notorious monsters, which are indicated by a unique icon. As you explore The Diadem, you may encounter constructs with various effects. Proper use of these constructs is essential to a successful mission.

Within The Diadem are small settlements with merchants who offer the following services: Gear repair. Gear will gain spiritbonding at an increased rate in The Diadem in comparison to other duties. When time has expired, or you choose to end the exploratory mission early, you can view a list of completed objectives. First place has been increased from to High Level has been renamed to Duty Roulette: Level 50 Dungeons. Level 60 Dungeons has been added to the Duty Finder, and will include the following dungeons:.

Before After Duty Roulette: Frontline has been increased from to The items needed to complete each of the Zodiac Weapons side quests listed below will now be awarded to players every time they clear the required dungeon. The rate at which weapons gain soul attunement and soul resonance has been increased for certain duties. Soul attunement and soul resonance levels will now increase even if players complete duties with an undersized party. The Centurio Seals cap has been increased from to The number of Centurio Seals granted upon defeating elite marks in non A Rank: Increased from 15 to 20 S Rank: Increased from 35 to Clan mark logs obtained from hunts can be exchanged with Bertana in Idyllshire X: The number of Allied Seals required for exchanging certain items has been adjusted.

Click here for details. Items from seasonal events can now be stored in the armoire immediately after being obtained. The category for the following items has been changed from "seasonal event garb" to "special item — other":. The difficulty of acquiring master recipe books available prior to 3. Housing 2 will contain recipes for furnishings and Housing 1 will contain housing-related recipes for items which are not furnishings. The requirements for unlocking Quick Synthesis will be written in the Crafter's Log. Players will now be able to search for recipes by typing the item name in the search bar. Up to 9 items can be saved in the search history.

Players will also be able to do a search for recipes by ingredient by selecting materials and using the 'Search for Item by Crafting Method' subcommand. Players will now be able to search for a gathering item by typing the name in the search bar. The skill value required to desynthesize certain items has been alleviated. The success rate for desynthesis and the skill progression rate has been increased for low to mid-levels. Desynthesizing a rare item is now more likely to increase the player's desynthesis skill. The idling camera works as a fixed-point camera which cycles randomly through the vantage points of other characters and NPCs in the vicinity of the player character.

When doing a group pose, all parties involved player character, party members, alliance members, chocobos, minions will face the camera and repeat the last general or expression emote used. Despicable You II Obtain minions. Follow the Leader I Collect 30 follow-type minions. Challenge Accepted Complete the first 24 Verminion Challenges. Top Gundu Attain rank 7 reputation sworn with the Gundu tribe. Mapping the Realm: The Diadem Discover every location in The Diadem. Crown of Thorns I Slay a notorious monster on an exploratory mission to The Diadem of any difficulty.

Crown of Thorns V Slay a total of notorious monsters on exploratory missions to The Diadem of any difficulty. New retainer exploration venture levels have been added:. Rare dyes that were obtained from quick exploration have been made tradable. The experience points rewarded to a retainer above level 51 for quick exploration ventures has been adjusted.

The variance in potential experience points gained based on the level of the item obtained has been reduced. The changes will have no effect on leveling retainers through Quick Exploration. The experience points parameter of your retainer will still be displayed in the attributes window even when reaching its level cap prior to level Example Applying the glamour of an item that occupies both the body and head slot.

The Try On subcommand can now display multiple pieces of equipment equipped at the same time. A button has been added to the Try On subcommand which allows the player to save or delete an outfit appearance. When toggled ON, it will save the appearance of all pieces tried on in succession in the preview window. An Acquired Titles button has been added to the Profile tab under Character in the main menu.

This window displays the achievements and categories that the titles were obtained from. The tab will display information about player rating, tournament date and time, and tournament results. The number of categories displayed in the pull-down menu has increased from 5 to Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 clan mark bill targets in 3. Individual and Estate.

Exploratory Missions have been added to the Individual tab of the Timers window. Number of days left until estate demolition schedule of estate demolition. Deadline for retrieval of furnishings and gil after an estate is demolished. If you possess both general-purpose pure white dye and pure white dye, you can select which item to consume when dyeing an item. A Hold button has been added which locks the map in position. When using the gamepad, the map will still display when command submenus are opened and closed. The quest icons for the initial dark knight, machinist, and astrologian quests will now display on the map. Nonostante tutto, se correrete abbastanza lontano da loro, smetteranno di seguirvi e torneranno a seguire il loro percorso.

Ad ogni modo, laddove doveste vedere un Tonberry Stalker in avvicinamento e vi trovate nel bel mezzo di un pull, mettetevi in un angolo dove non possa vedervi, in modo tale che voi possiate uccidere i nemici e lui non vi veda e prosegua dritto per la sua strada. Ma andiamo per ordine. Fate attenzione alle Bronze Beetle che spawneranno sulle scale e proseguite diritti. Quando ucciderete i Tonberry , raccogliete le flask of Lantern Oil da loro droppate, che vi serviranno per poter operare i Rusted Nymian Device sparsi per tutto il dungeon. Per cui agite di conseguenza onde evitare di essere scoperti. Quando ormai vi ritroverete davanti al primo boss, un altro messaggio vi farà tirare un sospiro di sollievo: Per cui non vi resta altro da fare se non occuparvi del primo boss.

Infine il Keeper of Halidom selezionerà un giocatore e casterà su di lui il Moldy Phlegm. Per poter aprire la stanza nella quale si trova il secondo boss dovrete attivare tutti i Nymian Device che ci sono in questa zona. Inoltre dovrete fare attenzione ai ben due Tonberry Stalker che vi daranno la caccia. Come sempre, se doveste accorgervi di un Tonberry Stalker in avvicinamento mentre vi trovate nel bel mezzo di un pull, spostatevi in un angolo e non fatevi vedere per nessun motivo al mondo. Uccidete i Tonberry per poter raccogliere le Lantern Oil necessarie, attivate i Device e dirigetevi nella stanza del boss, ove un altro messaggio vi avviserà che il Tonberry Stalker ha smesso nuovamente di inseguirvi.

E ora pensate al secondo boss. Ne spawneranno, in modo casuale, sempre 3. Purple Bavarois — Thunder: White Bavarois — Blizzard: Green Bavarois — Aero: Blue Bavarois — Water: Cura il Giant Bavarois. Yellow Bavarois — Stone: Applica il buff Stoneskin al Giant Bavarois. Durante il fight spawneranno, di tanto in tanto, 3 piccoli Bavarois. Uccideteli con le AoE e tornate ad occuparvi del boss. Il giocatore selezionato dovrà correre fino a quando il Bavarois non tornerà a concentrarsi sul tank.

Uccidete il boss e proseguite nella prossima ed ultima area. Ed ora dirigetevi dal boss finale. Durante il fight spawneranno due tipi di Tonberry: Questi possiedono tali abilità:.

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Final Fantasy XIV, c'è chi dice che di FF abbia solo il nome, dissento assolutamente prima di tutto la musica è di Uematsu che è il 50% di ciò che rende un FF. The necessary instance must be unlocked and the player must be of the minimum level to enter roulette instance. There are various tiers or types of Duty. Could her work be the key to unlocking the anima's potential? Side Story .. Its starting level is 50 and it doesn't have an associated class. In the Skycage Over the Sea, Disciple of War o Magic livello 50 [] La Duty Roulette: High Level è stata rinominata in Duty Roulette: Level 50 Dungeon; [] La Duty Use to unlock a new hairstyle at the aesthetician. Three Beaks to the Wind, Disciple of War or Magic level 50 . Players who have already unlocked the Gold Saucer as of Patch will [] Duty Roulette: Level 60 Dungeons has been added to the Duty Finder, and will. Le Duty Roulette sono un ottimo sistema (se non il miglior sistema) di rapido sviluppo del In questo modo, l'Item Level può superare la soglia del 50, fino ad . It's possible to clear, but most of the time ffxiv people who just hit level 50 and Unlocked duty completion of Occupational Pneumatic roulette sidequest.